Domestic Electrical Accessories

Domestic Electrical Accessories

The following points highlight the eleven most commonly used wiring accessories. The accessories are: 1. Switch 2. Fuses or Cut-Outs 3. Ceiling Rose 4. Lamp Holder 5. Wall-Plug or Socket-Outlet 6. Adapter 7. Distribution Fuse Board or Distribution Board 8. Power Distribution Board 9. Busbar Chamber 10. Busbar Trunking 11. Rising Main

  • 13A Double Stainless Steel Socket with USB Ports
  • 20A 2 Gang Metal Clad Water Heater Switch with USB Ports
  • 2pcs-Home-Improvement-Personality-Switch-Socket
  • Glass Material Modern Sockets
  • S6 Series Double 13A MF Switched
  • Socket Tempered Glass Material Modern Sockets

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