Nigerian Content Development

Nigerian Content Development

The Nigerian Content Development means the development of local skills, use of local manpower and locally manufactured products. DE ROSES considers Nigerian content an important feature of all its activities – projects, procurements, hiring of personnel and training. In line with this.
De Roses has a policy to conduct her business by implementing the Federal Government target of 45% by 2006 and 70% by 2010 local content utilisation through personnel engagement and material procurement to promote the local economy. Any tools, materials, or equipment (and spares) placed on Order by our clients shall be first sourced in country to the largest extent possible and procured if available.

Those items not available locally shall be procured outside Nigeria. For us, Nigerian Content is about maximizing the use of Nigerians and Nigerian brands in procurement and service rendering to our clients, thus promoting indigenous service providers; human resources and suppliers (manufacturers and fabricators), to enable them attain excellence.

  • maximizing Nigerian participation,

By maximizing Nigerian participation, projects result in significant local content, engendering technology transfer and development. It is also hoped that this will induce a spate of manufacturing and spur economic growth.

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